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Coventry Safeguarding Children Board

Serious Case Reviews

Also see Child Death Review Process.

A Serious Case Review is held when a child has died and abuse or neglect is known or suspected to be a factor in the child's death.

Reviews may also be held when a child has been seriously injured through abuse or neglect and where those who know about the child's circumstances believe that lessons could be learned to avoid a similar situation arising in the future. The Review carefully considers the circumstances surrounding the death, which took place prior to the incident.

This means that most child deaths do not lead to Serious Case Reviews. However it is important to remember that the death of a child is always tragic and we must take whatever steps we can to avoid a similar incident happening in the future.

The government provides advice and guidance to all the agencies that work with children, about how to conduct a Serious Case Review. These are contained in ‘'Working Together to Safeguard Children' Chapter 4 Learning and Improvement Framework',

SCRs and other case reviews should be conducted in a way which:

For more information about the process please see our document 'Children's Serious Case Reviews – what are they and what do they do?'.


Serious Case Reviews: Overview Reports

Overview Report Date of Publication
Child T - Serious Case Review (Overview Report)

March 2015

Child D - Serious Case Review (Overview Report)

May 2014

Deeper Analysis, Progress and Review Date of Publication
Daniel Pelka Review - Retrospective Deeper Analysis and Progress Report on Implementation of Recommendations

January 2014


Overview Report Date of Publication

Daniel Pelka - Serious Case Review (Overview Report)

September 2013

Daniel Pelka - Serious Case Review (Overview Report) - Polish translation

September 2013

For further information on the Serious Case Review into the circumstances of Daniel Pelka’s death please click here.

Serious Case Reviews: Executive Summaries

Executive Summary Date of Publication
Executive Summary 1

June 2014